[rt-users] Can a user add a dependency on a ticket he does not have access to?

Aaron Sallade asallade at PTSOWA.ORG
Mon Apr 14 14:15:15 EDT 2008

He needs the CreateTicket right in the target queue?

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I am trying to figure out why a users who owns a ticket in a certain
queue is
not able to add a dependency to that ticket which is a ticket in another
queue which he does not have access. This is how our RT is set up...
All users can see all queues, but not the tickets within those queues. 2
my queues are Content and IT Support. A user has read and write access
the Content queue and owns a ticket in the content queue. He wants to
add a
dependency of a ticket from the IT support queue to his ticket, but does
have read or write access to IT support. When he tries to add the ticket
a link to his ticket, he gets an error that his permission is denied.
can I set this up so that he does not see the ticket, but can add it as
link in his own ticket for a dependency?

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