[rt-users] Best way to disable mail notification during mass ticket creation?

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Mon Apr 14 16:20:52 EDT 2008

When creating large numbers of tickets via Tools/Offline, is there a 
good way of disabling associated mail notification?  I'm using RT 
3.6.6.  In 2006, Jesse suggested using a temporary override template (in 
my case named 'Admin Correspondence') hardwired to a nobody address.

It would be great to have a checkbox on the Tools/Offline page to 
"disable mail notification".  Anything else is going to be potentially 
disruptive of normal RT usage.

Maybe there's no good way to do this.  Not knowing anything about RT 
internals, it seems like the "right" RT implementation of this might 
require something like per-session scrips, the ability to override 
global (and queue) scrips, and possibly even a new privilege.   Ugh.

-Kevin Murphy

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