[rt-users] Requestor or Owner

Ryan Moxley rmoxley at envisionware.com
Thu Apr 17 14:01:00 EDT 2008

The owner would typically be the person in charge of rectifying the issue
within the ticket.  The requestor is the originator of the issue.  You can
add or change roles using the "People" link in the ticket display. 

Ryan Moxley
IT Department
EnvisionWare, Inc.

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This may be a simple question but is the Requestor (person who submits the
ticket) the same as the owner?  I usually enter tickets when Users contact
me or I am starting a project and want to track it in RT. But now I want the
user who contacted me to be the person who would have emailed the request
into RT or even filled out a form for the request. 
So do I make that person the owner of the ticket or a watcher?

John J. Boris, Sr.
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