[rt-users] On Custom Field change scrip action

Ben Robson benr at tlcdatasecurity.com.au
Fri Apr 18 04:08:32 EDT 2008

I am not sure where to start with this one.... I'd like to have a check
box custom field on tickets so that when the box is ticked an email is
sent to a fixed email address notifying them that the box has been
Effectively:  OnUpdate -> Check if CustomField checkbox has been
selected(ticked) -> If yes, send defined_template to
I have seen a few people doing something similar using the OnResolve
condition, but we need to be able to flag a job before resolution, so
need to use a custom field to set when the fixed_email recipient should
be notified.
Does anyone have any good insight as to how to make this happen?
Thanks heaps for your assistance with this.
Best regards,
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