[rt-users] Auto Reply email loop

John BORIS jboris at adphila.org
Fri Apr 18 14:10:24 EDT 2008

It seems I have an autoreply loop that I can't seem to stop. While
testing my setup I sent a request from one of my machines to my RT
instance. When it tried to send the reply to that machine (the
requester's email address was foo at machine.com) it got a connection
refused since that machine was never setup to receive email and the DNS
for that system probably doesn't have an MX record. (I am assuming that
since I didn't specify the MX request when I asked our Admins to create
it. So now my RT instance is sending an email request every hour and
when it gets refused it will try three times and after three refusals
goes to sleep for another hour.  The mail is originating from the apache
user.  So is there a place that RT holds these tasks and keeps trying
until it succeeds? 


John J. Boris, Sr.
JEN-A-SyS Administrator
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
"Remember! That light at the end of the tunnel
Just might be the headlight of an oncoming train!"

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