[rt-users] Issues configuring RT::Authen::ExternalAuth

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Mon Apr 21 04:46:56 EDT 2008

Carlos J. Velez-Rivera wrote:
> I have followed a recent thread in the list to setup LDAP authentication using 
> RT::Authen::ExternalAuth and it is kind of working, but the user doesn;t 
> actually get to use the system.  The system just leaves the user at the login 
> page and nothing happens.  Is it that I'm using a bad disabled account filter 
> or something?  
> As an additional observation, I logged in as root after trying this out and 
> even though the logs say the account was created I could not find the user.
> Here is the log I get when I try to login carlos.velez99:

Your attr_map seems a little broken, although that shouldn't affect user 
creation. The cause of the problem seems related to this line:

[Sat Apr 19 22:19:46 2008] [info]: Autocreated authenticated user
carlos.velez99 (  )

The empty parenthesis at the end of this line is supposed to contain the 
principal ID for the newly created user, which means that user creation 
didn't succeed.

It's not clear what would cause that.

Perhaps if you provided your RT_SiteConfig.pm we might be better able to 
work out what's going on..

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