[rt-users] Custom Fields Transactions

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 21 15:43:37 EDT 2008


	I use the following "User-Defined" condition to execute based on a 
change to a CF:

# condition execution on value of CF QA Approved and if the approver ID
# is not the owner ID

my $trans = $self->TransactionObj;
my $ticket = $self->TicketObj;

if  ($trans->Type eq 'CustomField')
     {my $cf = new RT::CustomField($RT::SystemUser);
         $cf->LoadByName(Queue => $ticket->QueueObj->id,
          Name => "QA Approved");
      return 0 unless $cf->id;
      if  ($trans->Field == $cf->id &&
           $trans->NewValue eq "Yes")
            return 1;

return 0;

	This basically checks the CF "QA Approved" to see if the value is what 
I need before I execute. What I want it to do is in the cleanup area. 
Hope this helps.


On 4/21/2008 12:19 PM, Carlos Silva wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to write a scrip to run with every transaction on tickets,
> but I only want it to really do what it's supposed to do when one or two
> custom fields change. My question is :
> How can I see the old and new value of a ticket custom field on a
> transaction object so that I can do it during the prepare stage?
> Thanks in advance,
> Carlos Silva
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