[rt-users] Multiple faces for single queue?

Tom Lanyon tom at netspot.com.au
Mon Apr 21 23:08:32 EDT 2008

Hi list,

Is there an existing solution to have a single queue (used for product  
support) to be used for multiple clients? In our case, different  
clients require different support email addresses and ticket auto- 
response messages, but all other queue behavior, watchers, scrips etc  
is the same.

I'm sure it would not be difficult to, on ticket creation, parse the  
incoming messages for a "To:" header and set a "Client" custom field  
based on this. Then for all other actions (auto response, etc), we  
could use this custom field to look up the appropriate templates.  
However, I was wondering if this had already been done, as it seems  
like it would be a common RT usage scenario.


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