[rt-users] SOLVED? LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS error with 'ExternalAuth' extension

David Hobley david.hobley at mionegroup.com
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I would certainly like to see this. 

*wish mode* 

If you could drag down group memberships as well and if they exist in RT, then add that user to those RT groups, I would love to see that as well as it would mean all the functionality for User creation could be setup via LDAP as well. MediaWiki does this and it works well (although far less complicated than RT I suspect). 

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I have a thought. I don't know whether I will need to override the 
AutoCreate method or if I can do it all just by passing params from the 
autohandler auth callback, but it seems reasonable that I should be able 
to easily allow LDAP users to be autocreated as Privileged, while 
leaving the default AutoCreation at unprivileged. 

This way, by way of a configuration setting, that is individual to each 
ExternalAuth configuration group (LDAP/DBI etc) you could specify 
whether to autocreate as privileged or unprivileged, and RT would still 
retain it's own default setting for *other* users.. 

Do you think this is something you'd want built into the extension? 

Opinions welcome. 
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