Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Tue Apr 22 15:25:34 EDT 2008

To all,

	I just got the wierdest call from a user. He is an AdminCc and cannot 
see his Queue. So, I went into RT and I could see the Queue. Then I went 
to Watchers for the Queue and saw he wasn't listed as the AdminCc. I 
tried to add him as the AdminCc and I got an error message that the 
"GroupID could not be found!. HHHMMM. He exists as the AdminCc for other 
quese and I can see him as a "Privileged" user. I then went to 
COnfig->Queues and selected the queue and then Group rights. WOW! There 
were NO ROLES listed under group rights for this queue. So I went to the 
DataBase and found a VERY interesting situation.I looked at the 
following tables:


	I found that the Group Ids for RT::Queue-Role (AdminCc, Cc, Requestor, 
& Owner) for that queue did not exist. I did find the user as a group 
member in the GROUPMEMBER Table and found that OBJECTID/GROUPID in all 
other tables. So, somehow (don't we all ove that term?) 4 records from 
the GROUP Table are missing. I checked ALL the records for ALL the other 
Queues (wow, very time consuming) and there were no other anomolies.
	So now my question is what to do. I could go into the DataBase and 
insert records that look exactly like the others only with the correct 
GroupId's (6850/AdminCc, 6851/Cc, 6852/Requestor, 6853/Owner), but I 
thought I'd ask if anyone has ever seen this and if there is a better 
suggestion out there.
	I also could create another temporary queue and move ALL ticket from 
the bad one over, delete the bad queue and then re-create it and move 
the tickets back. That would also mean dropping all the rights for the 
bad queue first so when I re-create the queue, it might re-establish 
those groupIDs.
	Thanks a WHOLE BUNCH on this one, for sure, man.


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