[rt-users] Question about having a "splash" page?

John BORIS jboris at adphila.org
Wed Apr 23 23:32:36 EDT 2008

Take it fromsomeone who has zero time to keep things updated. Try to
keep your nods to the place that upgrades will not overwirte them. After
a while you will have a hard time to make those mods and to keep track
of them. 

You can add anything to the index.html page as long as it resides in
Since you are not up on HTML you should look to get a good HTML editor.
I am not sure what your desktop OS is but I use two.

HoTMetal Pro (No longer available)
Coffee Cup HTML Editor

HoTMetal Pro was the best package I ever used and have used it for the
past 13+ years. I was sad to see the company SoftQuad sell it off. 

Coffee Cup is the next best one I found. These are both Windows

>>> Jared Hanks <jmhanks1373 at hotmail.com> 04/23/08 4:30 PM >>>
Ok, maybe the splash page is going to be a little more difficult than I
What about modifying the index.html code to add links above the "Login"
section.  Would that be ok, or is it not advisable?  What line should I
put the html code above, or should I be putting the code somewhere else
other than the index.html page?  I don't know much HTML, only a little
bit so I'm not quite sure where it needs to go.  I know that if I were
to upgrade I would probably need to modify the code again, which is
Thanks again.

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