[rt-users] Issue resolving tickets in SelfService

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Tue Apr 29 14:51:57 EDT 2008

Hello all!

I've run into a minor annoyance in the SelfService interface of our RT 3.6.6
install at work.  If an unprivileged requestor attempts to resolve an open
ticket, the ticket will be set to "Resolved" but then re-open immediately
due to their correspondence being added to the ticket *after* the ticket is

(The rights assigned to the "Requestor" and "Unprivileged" groups in this
queue are CreateTicket, ModifyTicket, ReplyToTicket, SeeQueue, and

Here's an example of this behaviour, with the earliest transaction listed

Tue Apr 29 11:50:28 2008       rt-testuser - Status changed from 'open' to
Tue Apr 29 11:50:28 2008       rt-testuser - Correspondence added
"resolution test... disregard..."
Tue Apr 29 11:50:28 2008       RT_System - Status changed from 'resolved' to

This differs from the behaviour of the full, privileged RT interface of the
same install, in which correspondence from a SuperUser is added, THEN the
status is changed.  I don't seem to have any scrips in place that would
cause this behaviour, and I've verified the same behaviour in a separate
(more basic) RT 3.6.4 install.

I don't wish to prevent correspondence from re-opening tickets, as it's
rather useful to us, but I WOULD like to fix this behaviour in SelfService

Does the hive mind have any ideas?

Thanks for your time!

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