[rt-users] installing RT with PostgreSQL yields "invalid privilege type USAGE for table" error

Aleksey Tsalolikhin atsaloli.tech at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 17:22:48 EST 2008

Hi.  I just downloaded rt-3.8.1 and am trying to install in on CentOS
5.2 with PostgreSQL 8.1.11

make initialize-database exists with error:

Working with:
Type:   Pg
Host:   localhost
Name:   rt3
User:   rt_user
DBA:    postgres
Now creating a Pg database rt3 for RT.
Now populating database schema.
Now inserting database ACLs
Couldn't finish 'acl' step.

ERROR: Couldn't run SQL query:
 GRANT USAGE, SELECT, UPDATE ON attachments_id_seq TO rt_user;

ERROR: ERROR:  invalid privilege type USAGE for table

make: *** [initialize-database] Error 255
[root at hwd-ddc-app-prod01 rt-3.8.1]#

So I re-ran this command as:

rt3=# GRANT SELECT, UPDATE ON attachments_id_seq TO rt_user;

MySQL.com docs say "USAGE" is synonym for "no privileges".

Does anybody know the PostgreSQL equivalent for "no priveleges", please?


Aleksey Tsalolikhin
UNIX System Administrator
"I get stuff done!"

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