[rt-users] Can t locate object method "new" via package "RTx::AssetTracker::Assets"

Dando - Email.it dando at email.it
Fri Dec 5 03:23:59 EST 2008

Jesse Vincent wrote:
>> Hi Jesse,
>> we have the same problem with a similar configuration (RT 3.6.0 - AT
>> 1.2.3 - mod_perl 2).
>> What do you mean with "...a more recent SB..." ?
> DBIx::SearchBuilder

Hi Jesse,
thank you very much for your fast reply, but the problem remain also
after upgrading SB to the last version (1.54).

The only workaround at the moment is to remove the paginated display for
Asset Tracker search views.

This problem doesn't happen for the ticket search views.

Any suggestion ?



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