[rt-users] User name collision

Troy Brown tbrown at shawls.lib.il.us
Fri Dec 5 11:25:28 EST 2008

But what if you have a case where there are 2 legitimate 'dshaw' users?  Ie
dshaw at yahoo.com and dshaw at gmail.com that are indeed different people.


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On Fri, 05 Dec 2008 10:45:50 -0500, Rich West <Rich.West at wesmo.com> wrote:

> I just got our company to migrate over to Request Tracker from an
> inferior product, and after a couple of days of good functionality, we
> received the following error:
>      RT could not load a valid user, and RT's configuration does not
> allow for the creation of a new user for this email (dshaw at mydomain.com).
> Now, we have had no problems with users submitting tickets... everyone
> is allowed to.  I'm fully versed in the internals of RT, so it isn't
> like this is something new for me.  So, as I dug in to the issue, I
> discovered that the user, dshaw, is listed in RequestTracker with the
> email address of dshaw at myotherdomain.com.  The user name in RT is dshaw.
> I am guessing that, because dshaw at myotherdomain.com was already in the
> system with the RT user name of "dshaw", RT couldn't automatically
> create another "dshaw" user with a different email address.
> Is this a known issue?  Is this something that can be avoided, and, if
> so, how?
> -Rich

There's an RT extension that allows you to specify a second email address  
for a user:



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