[rt-users] RT blown away somehow configging apache2?

Robert Munsch Munsch at phillycarshare.org
Fri Dec 5 18:07:18 EST 2008

root at data:/opt/rt3# find / -name rt3 -type dir -print
find: invalid argument `dir' to `-type'

In any event, updatedb and 'locate rt3' doesn't find the droids I'm
looking for.  These weren't symlinks, these were the real files; and
they have really Gone Away.  I just need to identify how so I don't do
it again.  I don't see how anything, no matter how wonky, involved in
messing with Apache2 configs could annihilate the RT install, but...

Rob Munsch
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> Find / -name rt3 -type dir -print
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