[rt-users] RT Cutting off Tickets

Bashir Jahed bashir.jahed at nha.co.za
Wed Dec 10 07:46:23 EST 2008


I have an issue with WEBrt, certain mail sent to rt gets cut off, below
is an example, the first part is the original mail sent and the second
is how RT is displaying it in the ticket. Thinking it is a
syntax/formatting issue but not sure what...

******ORIGINAL MAIL*******

MODE:F ACTION:A         Batch:     17721                 92
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  Claims Capturing
01 Member:   42300080465    MR B MACMAHON          02 Claims:          6
03 Provider: 2603756 IVEY A T DR       Trt:2603756 04 Ref:      018799
05 Referral:                 06 Payee: ME  07 Total:     373.40
Opt: 423
   Dp Dt From  To       Price Code    Fees Chg  Units  Mu  Disc   P  OR
Disp St
       0 . ACTION:
CLM757 .

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