[rt-users] binary attachments corrupt

André Esser kosmo at netcologne.de
Thu Dec 11 05:30:38 EST 2008

Hi there,

we moved our old RT installation to a new server.
old installation:
- Debian 4.0
- rt-3.4.2
- MySQL 5.0

Instead of copying the old binaries to the new server and upgrading them
we made a fresh installation of the binaries (rt-3.8.1) on the new server (Debian 4.0;
MySQL 5.0).
After the upgrade, I had the problems described in UPGRADING.mysql:
- multiple login requests
- corrupt binaries

We fixed the login problems.
Do I have to apply mysql 4.0->4.1 schema changes to make the binaries work properly,
although the old rt installation was working with MySQL 5.0?

I also read about changing the type in the Database:
> ALTER TABLE Attachments CHANGE Content Content LONGBLOB NULL;

How can I fix this problem?

André Esser

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