[rt-users] text box text forced to bottom?

Carolyn Fairman cfairman at epgy.stanford.edu
Wed Dec 17 16:57:31 EST 2008


Is there something simple I can set that permits

1. Text entered in a Reply or Comment to be inserted at the top of the  
text box (above any quoted text)?

2. RTFM articles inserted at the top of the text box, again to be  
above any quoted text?

Is there a simple config option in RT I'm missing?  Something I can  
set in RT_SiteConfig.om?

Please help!  Users don't like the current set up where the cursor is  
forced to the bottom of the text box.  I went through RT_Config.pm and  
didn't see a flag for 'insert at top' or 'insert at bottom'....


On Dec 5, 2008, at 11:23 AM, Carolyn Fairman wrote:

> When users click Reply and then start to type their response in the
> text box, the text gets forced to the bottom of the box.
> Is there a setting I missed to permit typing to go at the top of the
> box if that's where the cursor is?
> It also jumps to a wide line spacing but we can live with that.
> Carolyn
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