[rt-users] RT double-gzipping attachments

Braam van Heerden Braam.van.Heerden at conversant.co.za
Fri Dec 19 02:47:04 EST 2008

I've got a weird problem with my RT installtion, occurring on both my
3.8.1 test install and 3.6.5 production installation.  

Normally if I attach a file to a ticket via the web interface as 
Correspondence, then download the file from the server, I get the same 
file back.  However, if I do this with a gzip'ed file, I get a 
double-gzip'ed file back.

Example session:


<>:~$ echo $( K=100;while [ "${K}" != "0" ]; do K=$(( ${K} - 1 )); echo 
-n "DATA "; done; echo "" ) > file1.txt 
<>:~$ cksum file1.txt
2112801529 500 file1.txt
<>:~$ gzip file1.txt
<>:~$ cksum file1.txt.gz
3313752743 41 file1.txt.gz
------  Upload file to RT ticket, then download file again from RT 
<>:~$ cksum file1.txt.gz
3957064899 61 file1.txt.gz
<>:~$ gunzip file1.txt.gz
<>:~$ cksum file1.txt
3313752743 41 file1.txt
<>:~$ file file1.txt
file1.txt: gzip compressed data, was "file1.txt", from Unix, last
modified: Thu Dec 18 16:09:43 2008
<>:~$ mv file1.txt file1.txt.gz
<>:~$ gunzip file1.txt.gz
<>:~$ cksum file1.txt
2112801529 500 file1.txt


I have looked in the RT source and can't find a place where gzip is 
called, nor can I find something akin to this in my Apache 
configuration.  Does anyone have an idea where I can look for a solution 
to this?

RT: 3.6.5
CentOS 5 i386
Apache: httpd-2.2.3-11.el5_1.centos.3
MySQL: mysql-5.0.45-7.el5
Perl: perl-5.8.8-15.el5_2.1

Thanks in advance :)

Braam van Heerden

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