[rt-users] Accessing the original "To:" recipient field

Raphux raphux at raphux.com
Thu Jan 3 10:48:20 EST 2008

Hello list,

I'm trying to find how to retrieve -in a scrip- the original "To:" from 
a mail submitted ticket.

Details :
I have a single entry queue (called "support"), with multiple email aliases.
The main adress of that queue is support at example.com

In my postfix configuration, I created some aliases, like :
application1 at example.com ==> support at example.com
application2 at example.com ==> support at example.com

Emails arrive correctly into the support queue, and in the first ticket 
history entry, I do have the "To: application1 at example.com", which is 
good for me.

I would like to access this information (application1 at example.com here) 
in a scrip, in order to correctly set a custom field.

It is maybe obvious, but I can't find how to do this.


Raphael Berlamont.

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