[rt-users] Is there any disadvantage of "Precedence: bulk" in RT emails header

Kenneth Marshall ktm at rice.edu
Fri Jan 4 11:36:01 EST 2008

We use DSPAM and its Quarantine instead of the bogofilter+SPAM folder
here, but it is basically the same idea and it works very well indeed.


On Fri, Jan 04, 2008 at 03:33:14PM +0000, Mark Chappell wrote:
> Asrai khn wrote:
>>> We tend to be fairly aggressive on our spam checking when it's going
>>> into RT, with procmail dumping the mail into a separate mail folder if
>>> it even suspects that the mail is spam.
>> How you achieve this ? imean would you care to share the process/script of
>> dumping spam to separate email folder?
> Since you're using Postfix which I don't really know I'll do most of this 
> as an outline, and our procmail script is fairly custom do I'll only quote 
> chunks of the procmailrc.
> The first line of defense are our front-line mail relays.  These reject on 
> various DNS rbls and add headers for several others.  The lists we use 
> include SpamHaus' full zen list, SpamCop, MAPS and SORBS.  They also run a 
> copy of spam assassin WITHOUT any of the baysaen stuff turned on, a high 
> enough spam score causes an out right rejection at the end of the SMTP DATA 
> time, and leaves a header in the message for lower scores.  We also reject 
> on Virus signatures using the, and have some extra signatures to pick up 
> certain types of phishing scams (http://www.sanesecurity.co.uk/).  Any 
> rejection at this stage is done before we've actually accepted the mail, so 
> backscatter (which I would guess is what caught you out) is seen to come 
> from the server sending you the spam NOT from your servers.
> This is how we treat almost all incoming mail, rejecting approximately 90% 
> of mail before it's even through the front door (with surprisingly few 
> complaints about mail not getting through given the number of users we have 
> from "spam friendly" countries).
> The second line of defense is procmail.  The mail server on our RT servers 
> don't deliver directly to RT they deliver to the procmail command, which 
> eventually delivers to RT.  Procmail runs a batch of extra checks, 
> including; a baysaen filter using "bogofilter", "renattach" which catches 
> certain types of attachments, "nodupmail" which catches certain types of 
> mail loops, "double clicks" and general duplicated mail, and some custom 
> stuff so that certain queues only see mail sent via a specific web form.  
> If bogofilter or the earlier lower spamassassin threshold are triggered 
> then we drop the mail into a "SPAM" mail file.  We have a couple of perl 
> scripts which allow us to identify "privileged" users out of RT and lets 
> them bypass most of the procmail filtering.
> The privileged check is basically a perl wrapper around some simple RT code 
> with a little bit of caching built in.
> ====
> my $user = RT::User->new($RT::SystemUser);
> $user->Load($username);
> unless ($user->Id) {
>     exit(1);
> }
> foreach my $key qw(Name EmailAddress RealName Privileged Disabled) {
>     my $value = $user->$key;
>     print($key.": ".$value."\n");
> }
> ====
> Getting procmail to run external commands is straight forward
> For example here's some of our bogofilter and spam assassin stuff
> ====
> BOGOFILTER=/usr/bin/bogofilter
> BOGOFILTER_SPAM_ARGS="-c /etc/bogofilter-SPAM.cf"
> BOGOFILTER_MD_ARGS="-c /etc/bogofilter-MD.cf"
> SPAM_ASSASIN_RESULT="`formail -xX-Spam-Flag: | grep -i yes | awk '{print 
> $2}'`"
> # SPAM - bogofilter.
> :0fw
> # on failure return mail to the queue, the MTA will try delivery later,
> # 75 is the value for EX_TEMPFAIL in /usr/include/sysexits.h
> :0e
> # record the result.
> BOGOFILTER_RESULT="`formail -xX-Bogosity: | grep -i yes`"
> # a virus can bombard us with mta bounce messages because we were used in
> # a forged "From" address, pick these out as they're valid messages despite
> # being caused by a virus.
> :0fw
> :0e
> MAILER_DAEMON="`formail -xX-MD-Bogosity: | grep -i yes`"
> :0
> * ? test -n "$SPAM"
> ====
> Those final 3 lines are what tells procmail to deliver, literally into a 
> file named "SPAM" if there's any content in the $SPAM variable
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