[rt-users] A few beginner work flow questions and suggestions

Jake Conk jake.conk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 19:52:42 EST 2008


I read most of the manual administration documentation from the wiki
but even then still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong or the
suggested work flow of using RT because things aren't appearing and
showing up the way I'd expect it. I'm using version 3.6.5 and I broke
up my email into two parts, the questions and suggestions so if you
can answer anything please reply back :)

1) I created a normal user account but when I logged in with the user
account to test it I couldn't create a ticket because the account
didn't have permission's to attach a ticket to the Queue but there
aren't no queues so I created a queue with my root account then logged
back in with the test account and the queue didn't show up on the
ticket page?! What am I doing wrong here so that I could have normal
users create tickets and have the queues show up in the queue section
of creating a ticket?

2) After creating a Custom Field and setting the "Applies to" to
"Tickets" it still doesn't show up when I log in as my test account
under the new ticket page? I then went to Configuration -> Global ->
Custom Fields -> Tickets and moved this custom field to the "Selected
Custom Fields" section and I still don't see it on the new ticket page
with my user account. Am I getting the wrong impression of what the
custom types are for?

3) When trying to add members to a group all I see are privileged user
accounts that are created, I don't see normal user accounts (account
just created with "Let this user access RT" permission). Are groups
only to manage privileged user accounts you can't group together non
privileged accounts?

1) The default user name and password should be in the documentation.
After trying out a few guesses off the top of my head I had to go to
the database and poke around for the user name. Then I had to guess
that the password was "password". If that was in the README file with
the rest of the instructions on getting you up and running that would
be great.

2) The drop down menu item "User Id" in the Configuration -> Users
page should say "User name" instead. It was misleading me to input the
Id of the user from the Users database table.

3) Why do only privileged users show up in Configuration -> Users page
by default? Most of the time normal user configuration and editing is
what is being done and there is no way to see  what unprivileged users
exist. You have to do a search but the search assumes you know what
you are looking for. The list should be expanded to show unprivileged
users as well or create a separate one.

4) If you can't manage normal user accounts (user accounts with just
"Let this user access RT") in groups then I think you should be able
to unless I'm misunderstand the work flow of this system because I
don't see any normal user accounts in the Members page of groups.


- Jake

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