[rt-users] Wiki parsing best practices

The Anarcat anarcat at anarcat.ath.cx
Thu Jan 10 13:48:23 EST 2008

I've seen few things about changing the "parser" that RT uses to display
the correspondance. I now know how to perform little hacks in the
ShowMessageStanza callback.

Instead of rewriting a full parser for myself, I figured I could use an
existing. Since we're using Wiki extensively, I figured an existing wiki
parser would be interesting...

I've found a few Perl wiki parser, mainly for existing wikis, but also


This is not a complete list.

What I'm looking for here is advice on how to handle such a problem. Has
anyone here modified RT other than with the simple callback documented
in "ClickableLinks" in the wiki?

I've tried PurpleWiki, but it seems to depend on the PurpleWiki install
and doesn't talk well with RT. I've also tried the Wiki::Toolkit
package, but CPAN tests failed so I couldn't actually test it.

Text::WikiFormat is not exactly the format I'm looking for...

Any suggestions?


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