[rt-users] Repeat login requests under FreeBSD

Yitzchak Schaffer yitzchas at touro.edu
Tue Jan 15 15:31:44 EST 2008

Greetings all --

I managed to get RT 3.6.5 running under FreeBSD 6.2, MySQL and Apache 
2.2 with mod_perl via the rt36, mysql50-server, apache22, and mod_perl2 
ports.  When I fire up Apache and login as root, I can follow links, but 
I have to re-enter the login at each link.  I'm using Firefox 
and IE6, and I see a cookie called RT_SID_......

I didn't encounter this problem when I installed from RT source under 
Debian with comparable packages and config settings.  Any ideas?

Many thanks,
Yitzchak Schaffer
Systems Librarian
Touro College Libraries
33 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
Tel (212) 463-0400 x230
Fax (212) 627-3197
yitzchas at touro.edu
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