[rt-users] How to change mail sender address in envelope

Michal Rybarik michal.rybarik at ecce.sk
Wed Jan 16 13:41:33 EST 2008


some mailservers don't accept emails from our RT. This is caused by 
sender address in outgoing mail envelope, which is 
"apache at equinox.eccenet.sk" (apache is web server and equinox.eccenet.sk 
is server hostname). This mail address is not valid - there is no 
address apache@ recipient on this server, and also, equinox.eccenet.sk 
is machine in corporate LAN, which has no publicly available MX record 
(there is another mailserver to communicate with the world, and relaying 
mail to and from equinox).

So I want RT to put another address in the envelope, or to rewrite 
envelope to something else, for example somerealaddress at ecce.sk or so. I 
cannot find the way how to do it. Any ideas? Thanks a lot...

Michal Rybarik
ecce, s.r.o.

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