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Roy Sowa Roy.Sowa at rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Sun Jan 20 12:06:17 EST 2008

Thanks James, 
   i have provided the info below, and while still stuggling, I have tried to set things up to use either HTTPS or HTTP
   Ihave that going now, and either one works fine with the GUI.
   Still cannot get an email through .
   That is why you will see one http alias in the list.
  So I am still working my way backwards...
   Thanks for  your time
   If you need more info just ask ( also this is all new to me so I might not always know how to get what you ask for )
Error from  a bounce; 

RT server error.

The RT server which handled your email did not behave as expected. It

inherit => undef # inhibit UTF8 conversion done in /autohandler
$queue => 1
$action => "correspond"
$ticket => undef
$m->comp('/Elements/Callback', _CallbackName => 'Pre', %ARGS);
use RT::Interface::Email ();    # It's an exporter, but we don't care
$r->content_type('text/plain; charset=utf-8');
my ( $status, $error, $Ticket ) = RT::Interface::Email::Gateway( \%ARGS );
if ( $status == 1 ) {
  if ( $Ticket->Id ) {
    $m->out( 'Ticket: '  . ($Ticket->Id             || '') );
    $m->out( 'Queue: '   . ($Ticket->QueueObj->Name || '') );
    $m->out( 'Owner: '   . ($Ticket->OwnerObj->Name || '') );
    $m->out( 'Status: '  . ($Ticket->Status         || '') );
    $m->out( 'Subject: ' . ($Ticket->Subject        || '') );
      'Requestor: ' . ($Ticket->Requestors->MemberEmailAddressesAsString || '') );
else {
  $RT::Logger->error( "Could not record email: " . $error );
  if ( $status == -75 ) {
    $m->out( "temporary failure - " . $error );
  else {
    $m->out( 'not ok - ' . $error );

"|/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 'XXXXX' --action correspond --url https://XXXXXXXXXXX/"... Deferred: prog mailer (/bin/sh) exited with EX_TEMPFAIL
Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours

I saw that about the Crypt::SSLeay , so I installed 
stop started everything this did not help 

Ticket_ELS:     "|/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 'NAME1' --action correspond --url https://xxxxxxx/" 
ELS_MSG:        "|/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 'Name2' --action correspond --url https://xxxxxxxx/" 
Ticket_EHIVE:   "|/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue 'Name3' --action correspond --url http://xxxxxx/" 

>>> James Moseley <jmoseley at corp.xanadoo.com> 2008-01-20 11:24 >>>
First of all, what error messages were generated when you tried to send
email to the RT address via bounced emails or from RT/mail logs?

Secondly, rt-mailgate works just fine with HTTPS only installs - you've got
to make sure that all your SSL related PERL modules have been installed,
namely Crypt::SSLeay

Lastly, what do your aliases look like?

James Moseley

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I have seen list reference to email tickets not working with HTTPS
Some indicate that a local http connection must exist for the rt-mailgate
to work

my current install is 3.6.5 using Lighttpd

Everything is working fine using the GUI.
but I cannot get emails to open tickets.
I have verified that I can actually receive smtp mail sent to a user on the

-  I redirect my http to https
- my /etc/aliases point to the https url
-my lighttpd.conf is below;

$SERVER["socket"] == "xx.xx.xx.xx:80" {
#server.document-root        = "/"
server.document-root        = "/opt/rt3/share/html/"
  url.redirect = (
     "^/(.*)" => "https://mysite/$1"

$SERVER["socket"] == "xx.xx.xx.xx:443" {
server.document-root        = "/opt/rt3/share/html/"
        url.rewrite = (
          "^(.*)/Ticket/Attachment/(.*)" => "/$1/Ticket/Attachment/$2/"

fastcgi.map-extensions          = ( ".css" => ".html", ".js" => ".html",
"/" => ".html" )
ssl.engine = "enable"
ssl.pemfile = "/etc/lighttpd/ssl/domain.com/server.pem"
$HTTP["useragent"] =~ ".*MSIE.*" {server.max-keep-alive-requests = 0 }

I do not know where best to try and resolve this  ...( web config or
rt-mailgate )

I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction
on what or where to go from here.



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