[rt-users] Status change scrip action

Steve Cochran stephen.cochran at kingarthurflour.com
Mon Jan 21 00:42:53 EST 2008

Well, with the help of the book and the wiki, I have the code to  
change the user back to nobody on a reopened ticket at least trying to  
do what it's supposed to. Unfortunately, it got the following error:

[Mon Jan 21 05:38:47 2008] [error]: Failed changing owner to Nobody on  
ticket reopen: You can only reassign tickets that you own or that are  
unowned ((eval 831):10)

is there some way to force the scrip to reassign the ticket by acting  
as a user with more controls?


On Jan 21, 2008, at 12:03 AM, Steve Cochran wrote:

> I'm trying to write a scrip that runs on a status change. I'm trying  
> to change the owner to Nobody if a ticket is reopened, and I have  
> the following code in the action prep area:
> my $oldStatus = $self->TransactionObj->OldValue;
> my $newStatus = $self->TicketObj->status;
> if (($oldStatus eq 'resolved') and ($newStatus eq 'open') {
>   $self->TicketObj->OwnerObj = RT::Nobody()->id();
> }
> I've run a couple tests through, but nothing seems to be happening.  
> First, what's the best way to debug custom action code? Second, if  
> anyone seems what I'm doing wrong, feel free to point it out.
> Steve
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