[rt-users] Searches.... and CurrentUser

Ham MI-ID, Torsten Brumm torsten.brumm at Kuehne-Nagel.com
Tue Jan 22 03:22:32 EST 2008

Hi RT List,

I remember some weeks ago a bigger threat regarding searches with
CurrentUser inside.

Today i tried to create a global SavedSearch like this: AdminCc.Name =
'__CurrentUser__' AND  (  Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open' )

I copied this from My Tickets: Owner = '__CurrentUser__' AND  ( Status =
'new' OR Status = 'open' )

I also tried AdminCc.Name like '__CurrentUser__' both without success.

I'm using RT 3.6.5 (not the lastest patches and Updates installed).

Did i missed something during the last weeks???

Is there any solution for this???


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