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Mark Chappell m.d.chappell at bath.ac.uk
Wed Jan 23 02:59:10 EST 2008

j0ey.de wrote:

> is this Howto suitable for 3.6.3?

It's what I based my move on, however, I did end up with some extra 
hackery to get it to work properly, including extra indexes but that's 
something I'm told should be evaluated on a "per DB" basis, and I 
suspect ours is nothing like yours.

Rather than using the SQL they provided I just took it straight from the 
RT install process.

The mysql2pg script it's self works, however you'll probably need to 
update the table names.

I ended up creating a dedicated MySQL slave that I would run the test 
migration/upgrade off.  This meant that I could stop the replication and 
have a static content while testing.

And as Jesse mentions on the Wiki, Binary attachments get messed up, It 
took me a while to realize why my database had dropped from 10 Gig to 1 Gig.

Attached is the script I used to fix the attachments.  It comes with the 
standard "worked for me" disclaimer.  I also had a modification in 
Attachments_Local.pm to make ContentEncoding, and Content Writable.

# {{{ sub _LocalAccessible
sub _LocalAccessible {
     Content         => { 'read'=>1, 'write' => 1 },
     ContentEncoding => { 'read'=>1, 'write' => 1 },
# }}}

If I understand one of Jesse's earlier messages correctly you could 
probably add the following to my script.

     no warnings qw/redefine/;
     use RT::Attachment;
     sub RT::Attachment::_LocalAccessible {
         Content         => { 'read'=>1, 'write' => 1 },
         ContentEncoding => { 'read'=>1, 'write' => 1 },

Mark Chappell
Unix Systems Administrator
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