[rt-users] searching "select multiple" Custom field

Roy Sowa Roy.Sowa at rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Tue Jan 29 08:29:54 EST 2008

I have a queue specific custom field that may contain multiple values. (AAA....FFF)
If I have a ticket which has set multiple values for that custom field 
then I do not find the ticket when I specify a search criteria that 
contains multiple values for that custom field.
The custom field  ( FOO ) may contain the values "AAA" and "CCC".
 My ticket has set both values. The search criteria is: 

 Queue = 'TEST' AND  (  Status = 'open' OR Status = 'new' OR Status = 'stalled'  ) AND 'CF.{FOO}' LIKE 'AAA' AND 'CF.{FOO}' LIKE CCC'

If I search for one of the criteria then those tickets are found. 
The  ticket is not found if I look for "AAA" and "CCC".  ( tickets with this match do exist in the database ) 

I am running 3.6.5.
Am I missing something, how do I search for those records that only contain both 'AAA' and 'CCC'


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