[rt-users] Tables, database size, backups

Alex Howells alex at bytemark.co.uk
Tue Jan 29 20:22:41 EST 2008

Ruslan Zakirov wrote:
> clean it! it's slow down your system. you don't need data, only schema
> definitions in backups.

Excellent, I've truncated that table and things seem to be going 
smoothly.  Total size was 1.7GB so it's nice to be free of that ;)

>>    *  Ditto for our attachments table, although I'm able
>>       to see more of a reason here why the data is needed!
>>       Anyone have any hints / tips on this?
> no tips. it's content of tickets. so there is no way to avoid dumping,
> however you can compress backups if space is your problem.

We'll live with this one.  Does seem somewhat awkward that you've got 
potentially 5+ year old data lying around, but I suppose storage mediums 
do get exponetially bigger, eh?  Not a massive concern!

>>    *  We had a 'problem' where a lot of connections
>>       to MySQL would remain open and idle for ~6 hours
>>       despite nobody using the application.  Reducing
>>       wait_timeout seemed to make this go away, but
>>       *seems* to have the unexpected side-effect of RT
>>       getting its panties in a bunch and not sending out
>>       correspondance + comments via e-mail properly. Is
>>       there a "safe" limit for wait_timeout with RT?
>>       Furthermore, is there anything I should be looking
>>       out for in particular when my install stops mailing?
>>       It seems to stop silently too, which is frustrating.
> hm. that's odd we have code that pings DB and reconnect when it's not alive.

Yeah, I didn't think it was wait_timeout in MySQL but needed to be sure. 
Our "bug" revolves around something getting screwed up and then 
responses to tickets by staff are entered into the database but no 
outgoing mail is sent; customer doesn't get a response, gets frustrated.

Several issues for us here:

     *  noticing the problem has happened. Usually this is when a
        customer complains, or we happen to be *looking* at whether
        or not RT is sending mail for some other reason.

     *  once we have a vague timeframe when RT didn't send replies
        it's not trivial to take 'existing' responses to tickets within
        that window and dump them back into the "Send mail" queue.

Questions from all that:

We've got fairly verbose logging, should I be looking for anything in 
particular with regards to it not sending mail?  Any tell-tale signs?

Hows about automatically monitoring whether outgoing e-mails were 
generated for comments/replies and popping up some kind of visual 
notification if things haven't succeeded?

Finally, is there any easy way to say "Show me all staff replies on 
Friday 41st February 2050 between 2:00pm and 4:00pm" with a view to 
feeding that through the system and generating all the mail properly?

Thanks for your response earlier, it was helpful :)

Alex Howells

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