[rt-users] RT upgrade: all times GMT

The Anarcat anarcat at anarcat.ath.cx
Thu Jan 31 21:28:41 EST 2008


I just upgraded from 3.6.3 to 3.6.5 and now all times are displayed as
if they were GMT.

I have this:

lethe# grep zone *
RT_Config.pm:# $Timezone is used to convert times entered by users into GMT and back again
RT_Config.pm:# It should be set to a timezone recognized by your local unix box.
RT_Config.pm:Set($Timezone , 'US/Eastern');

And I *am* in US/Eastern, so it "should" work according to:


I have tried to put 'GMT' as a timezone, no go either.

Commenting out the line works.


Premature optimization is the root of all evil
                        - Donald Knuth
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