[rt-users] Enable Clickable Hyperlinks in Email

Potla, Ashish Bassaliel c_apotla at qualcomm.com
Fri Jul 11 05:17:48 EDT 2008


We are having an issue when using HTML-enabled tickets. In particular,if a ticket is e-mailed containing HTML, the global QCTTransaction template (which adds the footer information about the ticket with a linkto the ticket) is not applied.

If we disable HTML for the queue, it works just fine.
If we send an e-mail in plain text with HTML-enabled on the queue, it works just fine.

But, if we send an HTML e-mail with HTML-enabled on the queue, then the QCTTransaction footer is not added to (or maybe not visible in) the outgoing e-mail (this is anytime, both on create and on later transactions).

Is this something that can be fixed? Thanks for the help!


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