[rt-users] RT::Authen::ExternalAuth

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Mon Jul 14 04:46:22 EDT 2008

Morning people.

So, thanks to Lloyd, we are one step further forward with this issue of 
failing to autocreate accounts and the explanation makes a certain 
amount of sense.

For anyone else experiencing the same problem (log showing: "[info]: 
Autocreated authenticated user foobar (  )") can you confirm whether 
there's any chance that a user already exists in RT with the username 
and or e-mail address of the user you're trying to auto-create?

Also, it's prompted me to think about the config directive 
attr_match_list. Technically this directive determines what fields 
should be unique to every single user and is somewhat legacy to the 
original LDAP implementations. At the moment, this is the default:

'attr_match_list' => [  'Name',

This was a mistake and as of the next release the default will be:

'attr_match_list' => [  'Name',

because, really, the only things that should not be allowed to be the 
same for any two users are the username and e-mail address. I don't 
necessarily think this is going to be causing the problem, but it 
certainly doesn't help and recommend to anyone that you reduce your 
attr_match_list as above - it may even speed up your user lookups a tiny 
bit depending on how your install is being used.

So, in summary.. of all the people experiencing the original problem, do 
you get the same problem with a clean user database?
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