[rt-users] Assistance with a wget query

Ben Robson benr at tlcdatasecurity.com.au
Thu Jul 17 00:01:09 EDT 2008

Hi all,


I'm hoping someone can provide some insight/thoughts on an issue I am
having with a wget request for a page from RT.


If I do the following from the web browser I get exactly what I'd
expect, including all of the CustomField requested data:


e&pass=rtpassword&Order=ASC&Query=Type = 'AssetType' AND Status !=
'retired'  AND 'CF.{CustomValue1}' > '0' AND Name LIKE
'AssetName'&Rows=&OrderBy=id&Format='__Name__/TITLE:Asset Name',
'__Description__/TITLE:Description', '__CustomField.{CustomerValue1}__',


However if I do the same from a command line using wget, as follows, I
get everything the same, except the table cells that previously
contained CustomValue1 and CustomValue2 are now empty.  I proved this
doing the same query using Links (Linux CLI browser) as well and get the
same outcome as wget.


Does anyone have any insight why the query, with formatting, works as a
bookmarkable query in a web browser but not from the commandline?


Thanks heaps for this.


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