[rt-users] Performance Issues after 3.8.0 upgrade -- PostgreSQL delays

Paulo Filipe Andrade pauloandrade at ist.utl.pt
Mon Jul 21 07:10:42 EDT 2008

On Jul 18, 2008, at 5:37 AM, Tom Lanyon wrote:

> For what its worth, I believe this is a big performance hit on RT
> 3.6.x too, so I'd recommend fixing rather than downgrading. :)
> I witnessed this query with a high execution rate on RT 3.6.1.

We are running RT 3.6 with a database with over 190 thousand tickets  
on PgSQL.
We added the following indexes to the databse:

CREATE INDEX groupstest1 ON Groups (lower(Domain));
CREATE INDEX groupstest2 ON Groups (lower(Type));
CREATE INDEX groupstest3 ON Groups  
(lower(Domain),Instance,lower(Type),id, Name);
CREATE INDEX groumemberstest1 ON groupmembers (groupid);
CREATE INDEX groumemberstest2 ON groupmembers (memberid);
CREATE INDEX userstest1 ON Users (lower(name));

PS: You should change the INDEX name, I just copied this from the test  

Paulo F. Andrade
pauloandrade at ist.utl.pt

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