[rt-users] resolved -> closed without updating "Resolved" timestamp?

Ole Craig ocraig at stillsecure.com
Mon Jul 28 17:25:21 EDT 2008


I'm writing a script using the RT CLI to auto-move resolved tickets to
'closed' status a week after they're set to resolved. (We allow
customers to reopen 'resolved' tickets with an email, but not closed

Problem for me is we have a lot of business logic around the timestamp
for when a ticket was marked resolved, and I don't want the "Resolved"
time to change. Right now, when a ticket moves from the "Resolved"
status to the "Closed" status (e.g. by using 'rt edit ticket/$TICKETNUM
set status=closed') the "Resolved" timestamp gets updated. Is there any
way to prevent this from happening?

After fooling around a bit, the only thing I've been able to come up
with is to pull the date before closing, store the value, close the
ticket, and then reinsert the stored value with a direct database call. 

To me this seems both Bad and Wrong but I can't see another way out
except maybe to hack RT itself and change the logic around the timestamp
so that it only gets modified if the status change involves a move from
@ActiveStatus to @InactiveStatus.

RT 3.6.0 (I know, I know... Trying to make time for a 3.8 u/g) on
CentOS, MySQL 4.1.20.


PS. Oh, and I still need scrips to fire on the status change itself,
since one of the things that's supposed to happen is an automated
customer satisfaction survey that gets sent from a scrip.
/Ole Craig
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Team lead, customer support

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