[rt-users] Forcing domains in email addresses

Mathieu Longtin mlongtin at dbsoft.ca
Tue Jul 29 13:21:26 EDT 2008

Found the difference. RT3.6 use Mail::Address, RT3.8 uses
Email::Address. The later just ignores strings without a @ in there. See
example below.


Regardless, I'd like to be able to just block any email address that
have no domain.


$ perl -MMail::Address -e 'print join("\n", map { $_->address }
Mail::Address->parse(q{abc def at example.com}))."\n"'


def at example.com

$ perl -MEmail::Address -e 'print join("\n", map { $_->address }
Email::Address->parse(q{abc def at example.com}))."\n"'

def at example.com


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Is there a way to force email address entered to be user at example.com
rather than accept just "user"?


Also, in 3.8 (as opposed to 3.6), if you enter just "user", the email is
not sent, but no error message is given about it.





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