[rt-users] ExtractCustomFieldValues with attachments.

Roy Sowa Roy.Sowa at rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Tue Jul 29 13:01:49 EDT 2008

I am currently using RT 3.6.5 and ECFV 1.2.b3

I cannot get the extract to work if the MatchString is not in the first attachment.
I have been using ECFV for a while on basic standard type email tickets, but now I have the requirement
to extract the MatchString from an attachment. 

It does not seem to matter if the ticket is created via GUI or email.
The simplest test being;
   1. Create ticket using GUI with a description that has the MatchString .... ( this works  CF get populated)
   2. Create ticket using GUI without any description and attach text file that contains MatchString .... ( this works  Cf gets populated)
   3. Create ticket using GUI with general desc and attach text file with MatchString ..... ( this fails  No CF populated ) 

     Does ExtractCustomFieldValues work with multi part messages if the matchstring is in the second attachment?
    Where did I go wrong ?

   I have read the list , and  ContentObj is what is being used.  
  Any hints or guidance would be much appreciated. 

 Thanks in advance.


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