[rt-users] RT 3.6.4 MYSQL Backup

andrew fay andrew.fay at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Jul 30 10:46:44 EDT 2008


Sorry I should of been more clear,

I have RT 3.6.4 running on an ubuntu machine and backing up the catalog using the Mysql Administrator.  When I am restoring it I am restoring on to a windows xp pro machine running a mysql server.  I have tried restoring attachments after and before just by itself with no luck.

How would I set the max_allowed_packet option under windows? I have access to the console and am using WAMP to run my mysql server.



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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 16:39:02 +0200
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AW: Re: [rt-users] RT 3.6.4 MYSQL Backup

Yes, like drew said, this can also be the problem, i remeber from our last move.

We increased the max_allowed_packet option massivly, but also without success. We did the trick by dumping only the attachments table and restored them later. Was working fine.

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I was thinking that it might be the max_allowed_packet option my.cnf. 

Recent versions of MySQL seem to export the tables in what my office has

begun to refer to as "massive dumps," that is, One insert statement for

each table.

One other option would be not exporting the data in binary format, IIRC.

Ham MI-ID, Torsten Brumm wrote:


> Hi fay,

> I'm not sure about the error, but if you can't restore the attachments

> table correctly, then your rt install will be broken, rt stores not

> only the things we know as attachment like .doc or .xls, he also

> stores each mail text etc there. A broken table is not good in this

> way ;-)


> Can you try as workaround to stop your mysqld copy over the plain

> files (innodb etc) to the new server an try to start there.


> Tob


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> Hi,


> I am having a problem backing up the mysql db for our RT installation,


> I can back it up correctly into an SQL file.. move it to another

> machine with mysql running and get errors trying to restore it.


> If I remove the attachments table from the restore then it restores fine,


> the error i get is :


> Error while executing this query:INSERT INTO `rtdb`.`Attachments`

> VALUES  (179,455,178,'','',NULL,'text/plain','none'


> etc and then a mess of illedgable text.


> I am looking into upgrading to the latest version of RT but I don't

> want to do this until I can back everything up correctly.


> Ideally I would like the attachments backed up though.


> If the attachment table can't be saved what will happen if I restore

> this DB on top of a new installation ? will I just not be able to

> browse the attachments or will this make it so we are unable to browse

> the old tickets?


> I say this because the new RT will be running on a different machine

> as this one is coming to the end of it's life unfortunatly.


> Thanks in advance!


> Andy


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