[rt-users] Global scrips/templates vs queue specific scrips/templates

Jason Doran Jason.Doran at nuim.ie
Thu Jul 31 11:19:30 EDT 2008


RT has global scrips that apply to all queues. Is there a way to leave  
these scripts completely alone and simply to stop a global script from  
running on a specific queue?

For example we have the following global scrip:-

Description:	On Create Autoreply To Requestors
Condition:	On Create
Action:	Autoreply to Requestors
Template:	Global template: Autoreply
Stage: Transaction Create

Suppose I have a queue that I want a slightly different Autoreply on.  
How do I set things up so that all other queues get the standard  
Autoreply, but a specific queue gets a different scrip/template only.  
At the moment I get *two* emails when I submit to this other queue.   
One from the global script/template and a  queue specific one.

Is this even possible or is there a better way to do this? I know I  
could disable the global script, but then I would have to have an  
Autoreply setup for all other queues. Any help or just some pointers  
would be great.

I am still getting my head around how RT works and I don't want to  
make silly workflow decisions before rolling this out.

Jason Doran,
National University of Ireland, Maynooth
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