[rt-users] RT::Authen::ExternalAuth v0.06 Released - Includes 3.8.x Compatibility

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at oddbit.com
Sat Nov 1 15:10:52 EDT 2008

>        I am proud to announce the official release of RT::Authen::ExternalAuth
> v0.06 - the first release to be out-of-the-box compatible with RT 3.8.x.


I'm looking at this module for the first time this weekend.  I'm
curous if there is any provision for providing multiple servers for an
LDAP service...We'll be authenticating against active directory, and
there are multiple servers in a failover relationship.  I would
ideally want to be able to provide a list of LDAP URIs to identify
potential services, e.g.L

  'servers' => [ 'ldaps://dc1.example.com',
'ldaps://ldaps://dc2.example.com/' ],

Even outside of an AD environment, this makes a lot of sense.  Most
LDAP servers provide some sort of replication feature, and it's common
for an application server to maintain a local LDAP replica.  A
configuration like:

  'servers' => ['ldapi://%2fvar%2flib%2fldap_sock',
'ldaps://dc1.example.com/' ],

Would allow RT to talk to the local replica over a Unix socket unless
it became unavailable, in which case RT would contact the remote

Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars at oddbit.com>

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