[rt-users] RT 3.8 on Leopard Server (Xserve Xeon) Apache/GUI crashes

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Mon Nov 3 09:03:36 EST 2008

Need more info.  What database?  What perl version?  Vanilla install or 
upgraded?  Fresh db or upgraded?

Michael Caraballo wrote:
> I was able to compile all dependencies for RT with no official OS X Leopard
> Server how to.  Im' running RT on a quad-core Xeon Server with Leopard
> 10.5.5.  I was able to get all dependences resolved but I fear that I may
> have compiled something wrong somewhere along the lines, as I have a few
> strange things happening when navigating via the new RT 3.8 GUI.
> RT Crashes when clicking some links with my apache server reporting the
> following error:
> httpd(7332) malloc: *** mmap(size=1952546816) failed (error code=12)
> *** error: can't allocate region
> *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
> Out of memory!
> Callback called exit.
> Apache continues to serve up other non-rt web pages elsewhere on my host but
> once this error appears, my client web browser must be closed and I must log
> back in, in order to see the RT 3.8 web interface again.
> On another note, when I click some links I am redirected to the RT login
> page and must type in my credentials again to see the clicked link (aka:
> like RT pagination links).  If I change my hostname in the URL field to from
> hostname.domain.com to hostname or from hostname.domain.com to hostname this
> sometimes fixes the problem.
> Thanks to anyone who can offer assistance,
> --Mike Caraballo
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