[rt-users] Don't upgrade to RT::Authen::ExternalAuth v0.06 just yet.

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Tue Nov 4 09:12:13 EST 2008

Mike Peachey wrote:
> Evening All,
> 	I am proud to announce the official release of RT::Authen::ExternalAuth
> v0.06

Ok, I *was* proud.

We seem to have come across a bit of a serious bug in the user
auto-creation mechanism that we are working on resolving at the moment.
If all of your users already exist in RT and you don't expect to add new
users for some time, or you add your users into RT manually and then
just authenticate them against LDAP, then feel free to upgrade to v0.06.
However if you have been waiting to upgrade to RT-3.8.x until
ExternalAuth was available for it, I recommend holding off while we get
this little issue sorted out and release v0.07.

Sorry for the hold-up.
Kind Regards,


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