[rt-users] Stalled tickets on RT At A Glance

Violetta Wawryk v.wawryk at science-computing.de
Wed Nov 5 06:00:45 EST 2008


when you are on the "RT At A Glance" site you see your highest priority 
tickets and on the right hand site an "edit". Follow it and on the new 
page follow "Search - My Tickets", add "stalled" to your search save it.

That should do.


Reginaldo Russinholi schrieb:
> Hi all,
> Is it possible to put my stalled tickets on "RT At A Glance" view?
> I mean, where is showed the 
> <http://rt.irapida.com.br/Search/Results.html?Order=DESC&Query=%20Owner%20%3D%20%2728%27%20AND%20%28%20Status%20%3D%20%27new%27%20OR%20Status%20%3D%20%27open%27%29&OrderBy=Priority&Format=%27%3Ca%20href%3D%22%2FTicket%2FDisplay.html%3Fid%3D__id__%22%3E__id__%3C%2Fa%3E%2FTITLE%3A%23%27%2C%20%27%3Ca%20href%3D%22%2FTicket%2FDisplay.html%3Fid%3D__id__%22%3E__Subject__%3C%2Fa%3E%2FTITLE%3ASubject%27%2C%20Priority%2C%20QueueName%2C%20ExtendedStatus>"10 
> highest priority tickets I own" I want to show the stalled tickets that I own. 
> Is it possible?
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