[rt-users] ExternalAuth - group and group_attr question | Frage zu group und group_attr Einstellungen

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Thu Nov 6 12:29:50 EST 2008

Michael Bieniek wrote:
> Hi!
> In my ActiveDirectoryExplorer i must search for:
> memberOf=CN=lg_rt_ticketsystem,OU=Gruppen,OU=Scanplus,DC=scanplus,DC=local
> If i search for this string, i will get back the right users.
> But if i show the log of rt, the ldap filter does not search for the
> right string:

I will look into this later on while doing v0.07, but IIRC the reason
for this is the broken way that AD does group membership.

For everyone else, there is a group object with CNs as members. In AD,
each member has its groups stored in its own CN as "memberOf".

Backwards Microsoft charlatans!
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