[rt-users] CALLING EXTERNALAUTH TESTERS - v0.07_01 now available.

John McCoy jmccoy at ggu.edu
Fri Nov 7 12:34:20 EST 2008

Mike thank you very much for working so hard on this issue.
I am happy to report that the new version does now work for SelfService 
(for me)

Just an FYI for others stuck authenticating against Novell eDir and 
using the lame non-password ldap_proxy accounts I had to make the 
changes you were thinking about (sorry for the lack of a proper diff file):

455     # Authenticate to ldap server with user name and password if 
456     # If no password supplied to not pass a null or bind anonymously 
if noting was supplied
457     if (($ldap_user) and ($ldap_pass)) {
458         $msg = $ldap->bind($ldap_user, password => $ldap_pass);
459     } elsif (($ldap_user) and ( ! $ldap_pass)) {
460         $msg = $ldap->bind($ldap_user);
461     } else {
462         $msg = $ldap->bind;
463     }

RT 3.8.1
ExternalAuth 0.0.7_01

John McCoy, Jr
Sr. Systems and Network Administrator
Enterprise Technology Services
Golden Gate University

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