[rt-users] Add search parameter to find tickets by a number of days old.

Mark Fraser mpfraser at ndshq.com
Sat Nov 8 08:42:12 EST 2008

I would like ot be able to create a saved search that I can use to generate
a report for Tickets that are "x" days old. It seems like a logical thing to
do, but the only way I can find to do it is to manually specify a date in
the "Add Criteria" "Created" field. I would like a field that allows me to
specify and save:

"Created", "before/on/after", "____ Days Ago"

I tried hacking the code, but I will admit that I am still a little weak
with the Mason/HTML programming.
If something like this already exists, if someone can please point me in the
right direction, I would appreciate it.

Mark P. Fraser
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