[rt-users] Force email of text/plain files to be attachments instead of inline

Jon Tollerton jtollerton at zoominternet.net
Mon Nov 10 06:59:23 EST 2008

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to where to start looking.  
I'm probably dangerous enough in perl to work with the code if I can 
find it, but I haven't even been able to find the right section of the code.


Jon Tollerton wrote:
> When adding text files as attachments to emails on RT 3.8.1 the system 
> seems to always include them inline instead of as attachments.  This 
> causes the attachment to be difficult to access for the recipient.  I 
> need to be able to send small license files to requestors with a 
> particular file name.  The files themselves are about as human-readable 
> as pem encoded x509 certificates, so accidental changes would be likely 
> and it's confusing to the requestor.  The filename needs to be preserved 
> as well.  I already have
> Set(SuppressInlineTextFiles,1);
> but that only seems to effect the web interface, not emails that are 
> being sent out. 
> Thanks,
> -Jon
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